This site is about the low carbohydrate ketogenic diet and my experiences of it. My aim is to enable the reader to enjoy a delicious and versatile diet while keeping to the 20 gram of carb a day restriction.

About ten years ago my cousin who was a type one diabetic passed away, aged 40. He was well loved by our family and will always be missed. Ever since I have taken an interest in fitness and diets that affect blood sugar and weight.

I am a software engineer by trade, have been for the best part of 15 years now. During the Covid pandemic I was very concerned with the way it was handled and the blanket measures that were enforced.

From my experience (an Asthma sufferer from the age of 9 after a visit to Australia) inflammatory markers have a lot to do with general health and our general ability to fight disease, which is what led me to make this blog. Originally it was just for me and my family to share, but since losing my job I’ve decided to try and take it up a notch.

There are some affiliate links to ingredients and stuff that I consume and use for my low carb lifestyle. If you click and buy any you will be helping me pay for the cost of keeping this site active and keeping individual experience and information alive, in a world where big pharma wants to own the narrative.

A tenet of this site is about carb counting not calory counting.

I am an experimenter with food, so in this blog I try different things, as such some of the recipes are substitute recipes and may not taste as good as the mainstrain carb rich versions but the primary point here is not maximum tastiness, it’s maximum carb freeness, while attempting to simulate the flavour of traditional recipes.

A part of this is dedicated to baking as well as daily cooking recipes.

This site is UK based so all macronutrient calcuations are (currently) done using UK/European values.

I run a boutique web development company, Martian Media Ltd. This site is part of my attempt get out and stay out of corporate coding Feel free to donate if you like the site