I am an experimenter with food, so in this blog I try different things, as such some of the recipes are substitute recipes and may not taste as good as the mainstrain high carb versions but the primary point here is not maximum tastiness, it’s maximum carb freeness, while attempting to simulate the flavour of some traditional recipes. If you follow a low carb diet there are simply some compromises to be made.

Ultra Low Carb White Chocolate

Use this chocolate in other recipes or just eat it plain.

White Fish And Spicy Sauteed White Cabbage

A keto friendly recipe with a fairly low glycemic index

Keto Chocolate Brownie

Have your cake and eat it!

Keto Chocolate Mousse

This simple 5 minute dessert is delicious!

Spicy Spinache Soup

A super nutritious spicy soup!

Almond Fried Cauliflower Rice

Nice alternative to rice!