When adhering to keto it is possible to suffer from dehydration, because you are in general, consuming less. When your body sheds water, it also sheds a lot of salt and electrolytes. If you’re not eating salty foods (crisps, chips etc) you will need to make sure you either add salt to your recipes or add some salt to water and drink it from time to time, or you will start to suffer from fatigue and cramps. Salt is essential for the body to survive, don’t get deficient!


One side effect of this dehydration can simply be fatigue. If for example, you work on a computer for long periods of time, it’s very easy to forget about your body, you may not even feel thirsty when you are actually dehydrated. If you’re feeling foggy or tired during the day, this is one of the cases where you might have dehydration masquerading as fatigue!


Sudden pangs of pain in the arches of your feet or arms? You’re probably low on sodium! Eat some salt!

Low carb, low insulin, low sodium.

Teaspoon of salt a day… well, maybe not every day, but make sure you get salt while doing low carb dieting!